Official membership in AAUSA is through Chapter registration. There is no option for individual membership. Non-AAUSA members and well wishers are able to participate in many AAUSA events (Medical missions, Projects, Cultural activities etc.) Please review our website or contact AASUA Secretariat for details.
AAUSA will work with a prospective AAUSA member to find a Home chapter.

Here is a list of our chapters:

Dallas/Fort Worth
President: Nwa-Mazi Emma Okoronkwo
General Secretary:

President: Ada-Mazi Mma Okeke
General Secretary:

Houston, TX
President: Mazi Benson Okoronkwo
General Secretary:

Washington DCMV
President: Mazi Charles Onyeador
General Secretary: Austin Okoronkwo

Atlanta, GA
President: Mazi Innocent Orji
General Secretary:

Northern California (Bay Area/San Francisco)
President: Mazi Uchenna Okoronkwo
General Secretary:

Southern California (Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernadino, Orange)                                                                                                                 President: Engr. Mazi Kanu Okereke                                                         Secretary: Adamazi Obilor Iwuoha                                                     Treasurer: Mazi Chidi Imo                                                                                                Publicity/Media: Mazi Abraham                                                                        , 323-338-2454