About Us

All Aro USA (AAUSA) was established in August 29 – 31, 1997, following a National Conference that was held in Dallas, Texas at the Four Points Hotel.

AAUSA is a non profit organization.

The aims and objectives of the organization as enshrined in the constitution are:


  • To unite and promote peaceful coexistence and understanding among all prople of Aro descent.
  • To establish cordiality and networking among the Aros and Ndigbo at large.
  • To keep Aro essence alive through self-determination to foster unflinching commitment to our causes.
  • To always seek areas of common interest or common grounds in defining problems and determine their solutions.


  • To develop and establish economic, social and educational empowerment of the Aros and their children.
  • To promote Aro culture, heritage and history.
  • To establish a permanent institution that will work towards aggregating the resources available to the Aros wherever they may live, and towards optimizing these resources to project and protect the interests of the Aro in USA, Nigeria and the world at large.
  • To work closely with Exe Aro in matters affecting Aros.
  • To foster good citizenry and goodwill in promotion and support of our American communities socilally, culturally, morally and economically.

Membership shall be open to every Aro chapter in the U.S.A. An Aro chapter is not only Nzuko Umu Aro (of Arochukwu) but also any official meeting of any other Aro community (e.g APU of Arondizuogu, etc).